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All the books I read in April

Hi everyone! I hope that everybody is coping well enough while practicing social distancing. It’s a very difficult time for everybody right now, as I’m sure you’re all aware, so try not to go too insane during this period, though a little insane is perfectly fine I’m sure. Also, April like went by so quickly after the century that was March which was so weird, however, I had actually a really awesome reading month where I got through 21 books. 

yeah, I know…

But like, what do you expect me to do at home, sleep? I mean, I probably should, but oh well. I largely read fantasy, though I also read some books I normally wouldn’t read since this social isolation is making me pick up stuff that I have never really tried before, including, dare I say it, my first attempt and venture into the world of romance, because honestly, I needed some happy stories. I also read some self published works this month which was pretty cool, 6 of which were fantasy (leave me alone, ok?) and one short story. 

I didn’t end up reading much YA and much of my time was spent reading epic fantasy, some of which are probably not books that I should be reading since I got messed up a few times. 

In terms of the actual number of books I read in each genre, they consisted of 12 fantasies, 3 sci-fis,  2 classics(which is a personal record, I know, hooray), 2 contemporary romances, 1 mystery and 1 short-story.


Title: Baptism of Fire(Witcher #3)

Author: Andrezj Sapkowski

Genre: Epic fantasy

Book size: Relatively small for fantasy.

Thoughts: A tad bit too much travelling meaning that the plot went nowhere, though admittedly, it featured some of the best characters yet.

Recommended for: Witcher fans!

Final rating: 8/10


Title: Truly Devious(Truly Devious #1)

Author: Maureen Johnson

Genre: YA/Mystery

Book size: Standard for YA… I think.

Thoughts: I’ve like never read a murder mystery before, so I would like to think that this was good, but I really don’t have anything to compare it to.

Recommended for: Anyone looking for a YA murder mystery.

Final rating: 7/10


Title: The Revanche Cycle(Winter’s Reach, The Instruments of Control, Terms of Surrender, Queen of the Night)

Author: Craig Schaefer 

Genre: Adult/Fantasy/Grimdark

Book size: For an epic fantasy series, the books individually aren’t that long.

Thoughts: It was a bit darker than I expected and it featured quality if not fairly standard worldbuilding and characters. Since I read the series in two chunks, the second half felt less dark and brutal, since I read The First Law before reading books 3 and 4.

Recommended for: Looking for a brutal fantasy series by a self-published author.

Final rating: 7/10


Title: The First Law(The Blade Itself, Before They Are Hanged, Last Argument of Kings)

Author: Joe Abercrombie

Genre: Adult/Fantasy/Grimdark

Book size: They gradually get longer and longer, in one hundred page chunks.

Thoughts: Essentially this series messed me up and featured the least happy ending out of anything I’ve ever read and tore my already frail heart into pieces. I suppose the genre is called Grimdark for a reason. It’s one of my top ten series now, however, I fear rereading the third book will be painful and I should just stick with book 1 where things are still sort of nice.

Recommended for: Fans of fantasy like A Song of Ice and Fire, but it’s even darker. Not for the faint hearted.

Final rating: 9.5/10


Title: Pride and Prejudice

Author: Jane Austen 

Genre: Classics/Romance

Book size: Above average 

Thoughts: I didn’t love this, though the writing style was very nice and Elizabeth was a great character.

Recommended for: Isn’t this like one of those books you have to read before you die sort of thing?

Final rating: 7/10


Title: The Sword of Kaigen

Author: M.L Wang

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Book size: Pretty lengthy, but it’s a standalone so oh well.

Thoughts: This was great and loved this blend of traditional Japanese culture and worldbuilding but mixed into a world that also contained modern tech. The action scenes where awesome, though the final third drags a bit.

Recommended for: People looking for a Japanese inspired fantasy standalone who is also willing to read something by a self-published author.

Final rating: 8/10


Title: The Fault in our Stars

Author: John Green

Genre: YA/Contemporary/Romance

Book size: Typical YA.

Thoughts: It was certainly sad, though I wasn’t as teary eyed as some people have gotten from this book. 

Recommended for: People searching for a quick easy romance story centred around two teenaged cancer patients.

Final rating: 7.5/10


Title: The Perilous Life of Jade Yeo

Author: Zen Cho

Genre: Historical/Short Story

Book size: It’s a short story, which means it’s short.

Thoughts: Was not what I expected and it was told in a diary format which was a bit weird for me, since I’m not used to it, though it certainly wasn’t bad. It is self published which was pretty cool.

Recommended for: Anyone needing something quick to read.

Final rating: 6/10


Title: The City of Brass(Daevabad Trilogy #1)

Author: S.A Chakraborty

Genre: Fantasy/Historical

Book size: I’d say fairly standard for this sort of genre.

Thoughts: I really liked at how magical and mystical many things were, and it is set in the Middle-East in the late 18th century, which was pretty cool.

Recommended for: People looking for a diverse fantasy novel.

Final rating: 8/10


Title: The Poppy War(The Poppy War #1)

Author: R.F Kuang

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Book size: It’s fairly long but lots of things happen so it’s worth it.

Thoughts: It’s based on the 2nd Sino-Japanese War, and if anybody knows about that conflict, is that a lot of atrocities occurred, which meant that this book was very dark and brutal, and was not something I should have read when living in such unprecedented times.

Recommended for: People wanting to read about people getting butchered and mass genocide, yeah fun, I know.

Final rating: 8/10


Title: Geekerella(Once Upon a Con #1)

Author: Ashley Poston

Genre: YA/Romance/Contemporary

Book size: Normal for YA though I wanted more cuteness.

Thoughts: AHH! This was so cute and sweet and is the sort of book that I should be reading instead of stuff like The First Law or The Poppy War. I really loved these characters.

Recommended for: Need some joy and a modern Cinderella retelling? Then read this!

Final rating: 8.5/10


Title: Never Die

Author: Rob J. Hayes

Genre: Fantasy

Book size: It’s a pretty short standalone.

Thoughts: It’s my second Japanese inspired fantasy by another self-published author, and comparing it to The Sword of Kaigen, it wasn’t as good, and the plot was quite formulaic, though the ending was great.

Recommended for: People wanting JAPANESE fantasy, since it’s the coolest thing ever.

Final rating: 6.5/10


Title: Little Women

Author: Louisa May Alcott

Genre: Classics

Book size: Fairly long, though it is two volumes in one book.

Thoughts: I loved this so much and all the characters were awesome. It’s by far one of my favourite classics and I found out that it’s actually a series, so now I definitely need to read the sequel.

Recommended for:

Final rating: 9/10


Title: Impossible Times Trilogy(One Word Kill, Limited Wish, Dispel Illusion)

Author: Mark Lawrence

Genre: Sci-fi/Time travel

Book size: It’s three very short books

Thoughts: This was just a lot of fun and I got oddly invested in this D&D game that the characters played.

Recommended for: Fans of time travel and a whole lot of nerdiness featuring things like Dungeons and Dragons, Quantum physics and Back to the Future references.

Final rating: 8/10


And well, there you go. It’s a lot of books, I know, but there’s not a lot else to do. Looking back at things, I had a really, really positive month with my lowest rating given to a book being 3 stars, which does mean that I enjoyed every single book that I read this month which is pretty cool. Maybe it’s the mood that I’m in, I dunno. 

Anyways, happy reading, stay safe and stay healthy out there everyone!



City of Brass is now on my TBR!

1st May, 20

I'm happy to hear that!

1st May, 20
inky State Library Victoria

That's quite some reading list! I reread Pride and Prejudice this month. I just love the intricate comings and goings. And you know, being in lockdown is a lot like being a woman in Austen times - you can read and go for a walk! Oh except they could go to balls. I also reread Persuasion, which is my favourite Austen. Now, speaking of books you should read before you die - is this when I admit I haven't read Little Women? Looks like I should!

1st May, 20

I totally need to read Persuasion! Little Women was really good!

1st May, 20
inky State Library Victoria

In reply to zitongbooks

Persuasion is quite a short book and such swoon-worthy and fast paced plot turns. Great characters as always too.

2nd May, 20

Why did nobody ever tell me Little Women was a series?? This is news to me! Also, good job on reading so many books last month! I think I might have had the most unproductive month of reading in my lifetime so it’s good to see someone achieve your goals!

1st May, 20

I know right, I had no idea Little Women is actually part of a trilogy until I actually was reading the book and found that there were books after it! And haha thanks, I feel like if I don’t do something productive I’ll probably go crazy by this point.

1st May, 20

Love this list! Little Women has been on my reading list for so long, maybe this is the time to get around to it!

1st May, 20

Haha thank you! Yes, Little Women was really good, so I hope you like it too!

1st May, 20